Wheelchair-Accessible/Paratransit Transportation

Ace Transportation has made its mission to provide the best quality of means to travel in a safe, and efficient manner. Our company is essential for the person who has no transportation of their own and needs our service for survival by getting to a doctor, getting to the grocery store, a counseling session, and a much needed education, etc… Although this pandemic has the world crippled with fear we do understand that many locations have been required to close, but you can rest assure Ace will still be available for your Transportation needs. 860-222-2222 Our company is available 24/7, wheelchair rides must be scheduled in advance…We pray for all of our people and a fast return to a functioning society…

CALL (860) 222-2222

Ace Transportation has the highest rated customer satisfaction, providing Connecticut health care institutions with reliable and wheelchair accessible transportation services for a generation.

Ace Transportation Medical & Wheelchair Accessible Service adds up to renewed freedom for riders with mobility disabilities. Our vehicles comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act. These vehicles include tie-downs to secure the passenger and his/her wheelchair or scooter.  There is plenty of headroom providing maximum rider comfort. We use lowered-floor, rear entry minivans or side entry vans made specifically to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs.

Ace Transportation Medical & Wheelchair drivers go through additional training and testing before they are accredited to drive any of our medical or wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Ace Transportation Medical & Wheelchair Service services customers who use wheelchairs and scooters in 13 towns and cities in the Manchester, Hartford, Tolland and Windham County CT areas, 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; Please note that wheelchair rides must be scheduled in advance. 

For your medical and wheelchair transportation needs call (860) 222-2222

Why Choose Ace Transportation?

  • Ace Transportation has a moral leadership mission and vision driven down from the top, giving back to business and community.
  • Ace Transportation is one of Connecticut’s most technologically-advanced, reliable, full-service transportation company.
  • Ace Transportation’s same-digit phone numbers make it easy for customers to contact us whenever they need a ride: 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, Please note that wheelchair rides must be scheduled in advance.
  • Ace Transportation’s computer dispatch system uses GPS tracking, minimizing customer wait-times.
  • Ace Transportation features a state-of-the-art telecommunications systems providing reliable communication between customers, service reps and drivers.
  • Ace Transportation dispatch always checks weather and traffic conditions to keep our drivers informed of the safest and most direct routes.
  • Ace Transportation operates wheelchair-accessible vehicles to provide equal transportation access for all.
  • Ace Transportation accepts credit or debit cards for any transportation need or lifestyle to provide cash-less transactions.